Flared Shift Dress

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Usha Garodia, a Ceramic artist, studied at the Delhi Blue Pottery under the tutelage of Mr. Mansimran Singh. She was awarded at the Sanghai Biennial in 2010 and 2012. She has exhibited widely in shows across the country and abroad. Garodia’s solo works have been shown at Paharpur Art Gallery, New Delhi; Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai; Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata; Alliance Francaise, New Delhi; India Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi; Mirabelle, Boston, USA; Gallery Twenty Five, New Delhi; Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai; Obsession Art Gallery, Kolkata; Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata, and Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. The artist has also conducted Paper Kiln workshops.

Talking about the medium, the artist notes, “When I work with clay, I’m in harmony with the five elements. Earth is mixed with water, space is filled with form, air dries, and fire gives it strength. Ceramics is the most thrilling art form; the artist is never in full control. The fire totally transforms my offering into a gift, leaving me humbled.”

She further adds, “The rhythms of nature and its ever-changing forms inspire me deeply. Birds in flight, butterflies, flowers, leaves, fish, and the life-giving sun and water – all have found their way in my work. The human form has inspired artists since time immemorial. I thank God for this passion.”