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Anthology of the New

Anthology of the New : The Kalakriti Art Gallery New Space Inaugural Exhibition

In our COVID-19 present, amid global lock-downs and physical isolation measures, our reliance on the Internet to exist as social beings is acute. Like never before, this hyper-connected moment underscores the slippage between our virtual and actual lives, bound up in a feedback loop of URL<>IRL. This exhibition was devised during the pandemic as an inaugural exhibition and a way for us to show gratitude to those artists who have been remained and grown with us since we began our journey in 2002. As we begin a new chapter of Kalakriti Art Gallery, this exhibition is retrospective and futuristic in equal measures.

The exhibition provides a glimpse of the richness, diversity, and depth of contemporary Indian art in recent times featuring over 60 artworks by some of the most eminent contemporary Indian artists.

Showcasing a diverse selection of artworks, this exhibition will explore possibilities beyond the normative patterns of the art world. These multiple artistic practices serve as conduits in connecting shared histories and futures, as different mediums resonate with different emotions, experiences, aspects of life, and truths. Considered contemporary culture as a skein of diverse yet equal aesthetic and conceptual approaches and ideas, some of it conceptual, some minimalist, the forty-odd artists participating in the exhibition strive to identify a zeitgeist in as many as forty different approaches.

What united these approaches, was a common understanding of the relationship between man and matter. Instead of coalescing to form a homogeneous range of images based on a single idea/theme/subject/style/medium, the works reveal the contingent relationships between matter and man, space and time. As a more holistic view of art, culture history, and influence has developed, it has become possible to apply the understanding that our perception of reality is subjective and fragmentary - a lesson inherent in the works to be presented in the exhibition - to the greater cultural processes of which they are a part of. This pursuit is both the genesis and raison d’être of Anthology of the New, which reconsiders art as a transnational conversation and aims to raise open-ended and often contradictory questions about influence, interpretation and our contemporary understanding of art.

- Curator's Note