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Lost and Found

Lost & Found: A Visual Journey Through The Art of Claire Iono, Dhruti Mahajan, Ishrath Humairah and Karishma Wadhwa

Often complex in composition, abstract art is at times intense, spontaneous, and deeply expressive. At others they are more ruminative, presenting large fields of colour that border on the sublime. In Indian art, abstraction is often achieved through a natural affinity between a traditional Indian artistic aesthetic, whether it be Tantric Art or miniature painting, and Western ideas of Minimalism, Op Art and Geometric Abstraction.

All explore essence, sensation, and perception by seeking to combine these perspectives, by focusing in on the iterative, pairing it down to the minimal and ultimately striving to reach for an essence while also pursuing the idea of movement. Possessed with an optical quality, the combination of line and colour discombobulates the eye, causing the viewer to see flashes of colour and movement within the canvases.

The works exhibited here are a stunning mix of geometric abstraction and biomorphic references and reads like a rediscovered ancient treasure of totems and other sacred objects being among the most contemplative and entrancing. It is hard not to note the general composition of which all these artworks are connected, so different and at the same time so great in harmony with each other.

These radical creations redefine the nature of painting and are intended not simply to be admired from a distance but as two-way encounters between artist and viewer. To demonstrate the breadth of this continuing impulse toward abstraction, we have assembled this wide-ranging exhibition featuring artworks by Claire Iono, Dhruti Mahajan, Ishrath Humairah and Karishma Wadhwa.

As this year begins to end we bring together these abstractionists, offering the chance to experience the powerful collective impact of their works as they continue to contribute to the development of the movement.