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Symbolism & Memories in Bucolic Mountainscapes

Imagine an abundant jungle, tangled with foliage of sumptuous green. Before you, lies a mysterious landscape filled with animals, and birds of all kinds - both hauntingly beautiful and at the same time menacingly scary. From Henri Rousseau to Senaka Senanayake, tropical forests and groves have been a source of inspiration for many great artists.

Aji's landscapes are nothing less than magical wonderland luminous with lush greenery, blue mountains, sometimes covered with snow, and what appear to be shimmering northern lights. These serene and bucolic mountainscapes capture the changing seasons and Aji's profound sense of perspective and depth. Breathing with life and alive with light and color these serenading landscapes reverberate with emotion, individualism, and the glorification of nature in his works. A herd of deers grazing in a forest that seems to have come alive at night ; and a lonely elephant resting in a forest bathed in the warm glow of the rising sun at dawn. These scenes of pure breathtaking beauty are at once magical yet relatable on a human level as we imagine there still exist such places on earth, untouched by us humans.

Aji Adoor fuses symbolism with memories emerging in a splendid artwork. Well known for his landscapes Aji effectively uses vibrant hues of blue and green to bring forth the breathtaking vistas he paints. It is nature in its absolute breathtaking glory...

Exhibition opens on Saturday 22-January-2022 at 7 PM.
Gallery is open Mon - Sat (11am - 7pm). Open on Sundays by appointment.