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Beneath Thoughts & Ideas - Material Matters

Material Matters examines the complex role of materiality in the work of art. The exhibition ‘Beneath thoughts and ideas - material matters’ explores how material choices guide artistic expression and provide the tools to disrupt expectation, shape meaning, and embody symbolic content.

Material Matters focuses on the work of fifteen artists from the respective cities Mumbai, Kolkata, Baroda, Hyderabad and Jammu and Kashmir who share certain sensibilities. The artists included in the exhibition look for inspiration in the everyday world of the urban environment, their materials coming from diverse sources, but building new styles and visual vocabularies.

The exhibition, curated by Ruchi Sharma, features a robust selection of works across different mediums and styles- Including both figurative and abstract forms. As the exhibition’s title implies, the works in the presentation of a constellation of ideas and categorization or definition. The exhibition points to manifestation guideposts for artists and viewers alike.

The exhibition showcases artist -

Anuvhab Mitra
Bakula Nayak
Bipin Shinol
Dushyant Patel
Harsha Durugadda
Rajesh Kr. Singh
Himanshu Jamod
Kapil Anant
KK Gandhi
Nabendu Roy
Pintu Sikder
Ritesh Shrikant Bhoi (yathart)
Sandip Roy
Subir Kumar Mondal