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Ganesh Pyne Twilight World

Ganesh Pyne - Twilight World 
The relationship between literature and art is well known. The intermediary level between these two expressions, for the art viewer, is dimly lit; the processes the artist undergoes is effectively invisible to us. The path which leads us to some light and clarity, are the scribblings or writing, within the artist's notebooks, sketchbooks and diaries. It's just like peering into the mind of an artist, in the days leading up to his next piece of work.
Kalakriti Art Gallery presents ‘Ganesh Pyne - Twilight World’, from the books of the late Bengali painter Ganesh Pyne. Known for his tempera style of art, which blended poetic surrealism and rich imagery, of characters inspired by folktales he heard from his grandmother as a child, Pyne was famously reticent. His drawings, contrasting darkness and light, were evocative of a certain loneliness, which are also visible in his jottings. 
Ganesh Pyne's Jottings have quotes from books he might have been reading, or his own thoughts. Pyne, through the words along with the scratchy drawings, opens the window into his mind. For most people, these drawings may seem inconsequential, but for those interested in art, these are invaluable.” — The start of something beautiful.

Mostly made with pen and ink, with the occasional touch of dry pastel and crayon. These drawings and doodles were Pyne’s lifelong obsession, though never intended for public display. Pyne’s resistance to the idea of exposing these private musings to the public eye. But once he was persuaded, the jottings became increasingly visible in the public domain, often acting as keys that unlocked the mysteries of his art. The pages were mostly graph paper, which reinforces the idea of construction, in case, of a painting. 

Ganesh Pyne’s Jottings give faint insights into his everyday aesthetic lifeworld in which his eyes, the brain and the soul work in tandem in his search for light, a search signified in his enduring interest in darkness and death. Looking at these works what engages the viewer is the eavesdroppers, the most is the dialogue through the writings, between the artist and the intensely reclusive man.

At Kalakriti Art Gallery exhibition 'Ganesh Pyne - Twilight World' will be displaying a series of selected twenty six jottings, sketches and notes from the Gallery collection - to be open for public viewing from January 10, 2023 on view till 15th January, 2023.

Curated by Ruchi Sharma